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Boiler Installation Kent

Boiler Installation & Replacement in Kent

Are you looking to potentially cut your gas utility bills in half, then replacing your old boiler is the perfect start to saving more money for you and your family in your household.

Here at Quadrant Plumbing, we offer fixed pricing on all our boiler installs and replacements with no hidden costs as we are acutely aware that with the rise in inflation and ever-increasing utility bills, our customer’s cost of living is currently being impacted more than ever. To help reduce costs we are now offering fixed-price work for all boiler installation and replacements to assist our customer’s household costs and management.

Our fixed prices project works includes:

  • New boiler installations
  • Old boiler replacement
  • Combination boiler replacement
  • Gravity fed system conversion
  • Boiler relocation
  • Next day boiler replacement*

How it works

To ensure you receive the highest standards of customer service from us we have a boiler installation quoting process that all our customers go through so that we can obtain as much information as possible.

Boiler Installation Kent

Book online

Using our online quoting system, answer a few questions so that we can understand more about the location and type of boiler install that you require along with where the flue is situated and surrounding pipework.

Boiler Installation Kent

Receive a fixed price quotation

Once all relevant information and photos have been provided we will offer you a fixed price quotation.

Boiler Installation Kent

We install your boiler

If you are happy with the fixed price quotation we will book you in for the works to be completed at a time that is suitable for you.

Please note

Quadrant Plumbing will aim to book you in for the works to be completed within the same or adjacent week with our fast response rate. Fixed price quote prices vary depending on the brand of the boiler you choose and the system type required for your property along with works required to install or replace it. in some uncommon cases an inspection maybe required to quote fully for the works that you require.

Why should you replace your old boiler

Having to buy a new boiler isn’t as hard as it always sounds. Just worthy for making your home warmer and more comfortable, a new boiler is proven to be more energy-efficient than an older one meaning you’ll cut down on your energy bills which will intern pay for the installation cost over a period of years, when comparing utility costs of the old boiler that’s still in your house costing you money.

There are certain things you need to consider before buying a new boiler such as the size of your property and budget you have whilst the type of boiler that needs replacing such as the following below:

Boiler Installation Kent

Combination Boilers

A combi boiler generates hot water from a single unit inside the combination boiler whilst also providing central heating to your house. Unlike other types of boilers, they have no need for water tanks or independent heating units. Combination boiler’s main benefit is having hot water on demand with the flick or turn meaning you have hot water when you need compared to hot water tanks being on a set timer at certain times of the day which can be very inconvenient.

Combination boilers are by far the most common type of boilers installed in the UK.

Boiler Installation Kent

System Boilers

System boilers are in much use throughout the UK. Unlike and different from combination boilers, system boilers need an unvented hot water cylinder to be installed with them. Because they have a separate hot water storage tank fed from mains pressured water, they can supply consistent hot water to more taps at the same time when in demand. System boilers aren’t usually recommended for flats or houses with one or two bathrooms because they require a little extra space for the hot water cylinder.

This makes system boilers the go-to option for bigger homes with more than two bathrooms.

Boiler Installation Kent

Regular & Heat-Only Boilers

Regular/Heat-Only boilers are commonly found in older build properties built between the 1960 – 1970 period. The system consists of two water tanks in the loft space whilst having a hot water storage tank which is usually situated on your first or second floor and has a blue, yellow or green insulation foam around it. one of the two tanks is used to feed gravity-fed water to the hot water tank and sometimess other appliances whilst the smaller cold water tank feeds gravity-fed chemically treated water into the central heating.

Being outdated compared to other kinds of boilers, regular/heat-only boilers are still commonly used in the UK.

Combination Boiler Conversion

If your looking to save more money whilst adding more space to your property then removing your old hot water tanks and converting over to a combination boiler is essentially today’s best way of saving money with a huge range of benefits:

  • Huge savings on your utility bills annually
  • Fewer tanks and pipework – more space and less cost of maintaining
  • Between 90% – 98% Energy efficiency rating
  • Hot water on demand instead of costly timed hot water
  • Combination Boilers can have up-to a 15-year warranty/guarantee*
  • Perfect central heating solution for houses and flats
  • Some boilers are now hydrogen ready for future technological advancements


Within the quote page please select the option – YES, REMOVE IT so that we can price accordingly for the works required.

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