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General Plumbing Installation & Maintenance in Kent

General Plumbing Installation & Maintenance in Kent

Got an odd plumbing task at hand? Then we’re here to help

At Quadrant Plumbing we offer affordable pricing with a vast range of small works plumbing that you require for your household below and much more.

  • Kitchen sink tap installation/replacement
  • Toilet filling valve replacement
  • Kitchen Sink installation
  • Electric Shower Replacement
  • Mains Water Stop Valve Replacement
  • Garden Tap Installation/Replacement
  • Basin/Bath Tap Replacement
  • Toilet syphon valve replacement
  • Kitchen Sink Strainer Replacement
  • Shower Bar Replacement
  • Radiator Replacement
  • Loft Tank Ball Valve Replacement

Please feel free to either call us or to fill out the contact form below with your enquiry and we will aim to reply as soon as possible within our working hours.